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    SKU: RAG021
    • Retail Price:
    • $59.95 USA
    • GAV Price:
    • $39.00 USA 
      $39.00 CAN
    Themes: Big Cocks, Big Loads, Daddies, DVD, Fisting, Hairy.
    Starring: Brendan Austen, Taurus, Wilhelm Dragon, Sean Steele, Simon Cox, Robert Black, Eric Evans
    Studio: Raging Stallion
    Duration: 90 minutes


    Asspigs of the World, desperate for new fisting porn, are in for a holiday treat that is better than eggnog! ToolBox #3: Screwed is now available for advance purchase here on the Raging Stallion website. The ToolBox Trilogy rates as one of the finest fisting collections of all time--delivering many, many hours of the kind of handball action that only Chris Ward and Raging Stallion can provide: in your face and up your hole!

    For the grand finale of his handball masterpiece, Ward offers up some of the best fisting footage ever recorded by anyone anywhere. After all, the final film of a trilogy made up of standout performances needs to pack as much punch as possible. And more important than that--Chris himself has put his reputation on the line by frankly stating what he thinks about this series and ToolBox #3 in particular: "These are the best fisting films I have ever made."

    ToolBox #3 is remarkable for any number of reasons, including its almost two and a half hours of running time (almost twice as long as fisting films from other studios). Here is a scene by scene breakdown of what you get in ToolBox #3:

    I. When Chris discovered Wilhelm Dragon, his jaw dropped to the floor. In the opening scene for ToolBox #3 you will see why. Wilhelm, the hottest, hairiest, most tattooed fisting superstar since Corey Jay, squats down on a giant red dildo, forcing is hairy, muscular butt down on what can only be described as a full-on ass splitter. But he does it--over and over, plowing himself silly as his ass lips drag back and forth on the unique toy. His red jock strap, his black boots, and his amazing tattoos all combine with the over-the-top action to create a scene that will stand the test of time! But the toy is only the warm-up to a self fisting that must be seen to be understood. Watch as this stunning man--with his GQ good looks--works himself into a fisting frenzy! The most amazing action since World War II!

    2. Next comes Porn Superstar and Fisting EXPERT Robert Black in a pairing with newcomer Sean Steele. Robert-big, beefy, and beautiful- is one of the world�s best fisters. His skill and understanding of the sport makes him 2004�s top fisting top! And Sean Steele has a dream butt--a dream if you like a gaping man-slot that can take the most intense punching action of all time! Sean's ripped body is astounding, and the only thing that gets in the way of his hole is his gigantic, massive dick. As nice as his cock looks--and believe us, we stared at it for hours--Robert moves it out of the way to get unobstructed access to the best bottom hole in the biz! Robert's skill shows with every punch--one hand, two hands, alternate hands--you name it! And Sean's filthy mouth delivers an audio track that will make you lose control! Scenes like this are why Raging Stallion is the leader in high-end fisting porn. This scene alone is worth the price of this film.

    3. One of the most stunning scenes in the film is Eric Evans taking his first fist. You have seen him top in several Chris Ward fisting flicks, but he has never tried to bottom before. After fisting Wilhelm Dragon in ToolBox 2, Eric decided he could not stand it any more! He had to see what bottoming for a fist was all about! We were quite pleased to help him make his dream cum true, so we hired Wilhelm and Sean Steele to do the honors (actually, they paid us to have a chance at Eric's perfect ass!!). Once these guys got started, there was never any doubt that Eric could do it (turns out he has been a secret size queen for decades!!!). In the most shocking performance of his 10-year-long career, Eric is the picture of male sexuality as he takes an entire fist up his hole, laying on his back the whole time, showing off to you, the viewer. Eric is an exhibitionist, and what really got him off during this scene was knowing that he looked like a Colt muscle god laying there on a platform, doing the most extreme scene of his lifetime! As Chris Ward himself said, "filming Eric Evans taking his first fist was one of the finest moments I have ever had as a director! This is Hot Shit!!!!"

    4. Who could be hotter than Raging Stallion/ Pistol Media Exclusive Brendan Austen? We have searched Six continents (five, actually--we skipped Antarctica) to find someone who looks better than this Sydney-Based bottom stud jock. His body is perfectly lean, his skin beautifully flawless, his ass tan-line white! What more could you want? How about a dildo and an eager attitude? This is a graceful solo scene, and it is impossible to take your eyes off Brendan's hot ass. We will not even mention the flashlight part of the scene--you have to see that for yourself! It was a real thrill to film Brendan. Next time he comes up from Australia to film for us, we will lock him up and make him a porn sex slave. He is too good to let go!

    5. Ok, so now what do you do for the grand finale of the greatest fisting event of all time? Chris Ward set out to film the best fisting scene he has ever done, and he delivers brilliantly with a 45-minute-long pairing pitting Simon Cox against Paris-based Taurus. Sure, these guys are both beautiful and have great bodies. But what makes this scene the best of all time is the action. We are talking many, many positions, and deep, deep fisting. If you think you have seen Simon Cox perform before, think again. This is the Scene of His Career! No handballer can possibly skip this scene--it really is one of the finest fisting scenes ever recorded! Both Simon and Taurus shine because these men are committed to fisting. Taurus lives next door to Kellers, Paris's notorious fisting club. Some even say that he lives AT the club! This man is an expert on warming a man's heart the old fashioned way--with friction! And Simon has, without any doubt, the best bottom hole on the planet Earth. We think they can even see it gaping open from the Space Station. At any rate, it certainly sucks in everything in its path--a virtual black hole from which nothing can escape! This scene is an instant classic, and everyone who has ever enjoyed a Chris Ward handball film must buy this disc! It is Hardcore erotica at its very best. No one can do it better--most will not even try!

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