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    SKU: WOL002
    On Sale until Friday, November 30, 2018.
    • Retail Price:
    • $59.95 USA
    • GAV Price:
    • $39.00 $25.00 USA 
      $39.00 $25.00 CAN
    Watch It Now
    Themes: Anal Sex, DVD, Fisting, Leather, Oral Sex.
    Starring: Ruben D'Angelo, Adam Faust, Rex Armswell, Fred Harry, Brad Wilder, Craig Stowe, Shawn Islander, John Steele, Bruce Santon, Lyle James, Ted Lin
    Studio: Wolfgang Bang
    Duration: 100 minutes


    Daddies and Pigs is all about hardcore nasty sex without apologies. This hot new video from director Wolfgang Bang focuses on fisting and buttplay with some light S&M thrown in for good measure. It starts out with bad cop Brad Wilder kidnapping innocent Fred Harry and takes him home to his dungeon where he puts him through the wringer. Fred Harry protests at first but his raging hard-on when tied to a bondage-table with Wilder working him over with floggers and hot wax reveals that it feels too good not to enjoy it. Brad works him over with some cock and ball electro-torture as well before he decides he is done.

    In the second scene we visit a playroom where daddy hunk Stowe Craig fists pigs Shawn Islander and John Steele before John decides it is time for a 69 fisting as well. Daddy Bruce Stanton also joins the orgy by fisting Shawn Islander into oblivion. This action-packed scene will leave you breathless.

    In the next scene we see what happens when daddies get together for an evening workout. Hunk-daddy Lyle James starts by fisting Greg Rodgers but his buddy Ted Lin soon comes in and starts turning the tables on Lyle who soon loses his fisting cherry.

    In the final scene we see what real pigs are like when superstud Ruben D'Angelo shares his slave (muscle daddy Rex Armswell) with his pig buddy Adam Faust. This scene is truly one of the most spectacular fisting scenes ever filmed. It was shot on location at the Winter Palace in New York City-possibly one of the best equipped playrooms in America. Rex takes more than fists up his amazing hole from all potential angles. If you like elbow-deep, double-wide, hunky muscle pigs at play, this is something you gotta see!

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    Retail Price: $49.95 USA
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