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    SKU: ALP72428
    On Sale until Sunday, July 15, 2018.
    • Retail Price:
    • $59.95 USA
    • GAV Price:
    • $39.00 $20.00 USA 
      $39.00 $20.00 CAN
    Watch It Now
    Themes: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Bodybuilders/Muscles, DVD, Hairy, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth.
    Starring: Jean Franko, Rafael, Trojan Rock, Matthew Ford, Rocco Banks, Albert, Tiko, Butch Grand, Jake Ryder
    Studio: Alphamale
    Duration: 80 minutes


    Five scenes of furry fucking action! Eurocreme has put together some of the hottest and hairiest guys around with explosive results! Watch these real, muscle-bound men mercilessly suck and fuck their way through each scene, only stopping to spurt hot, sticky wads of spunk across each other's beefy, bristled bodies! If you like your guys, rough, tough and with a thick layer of fur, you'll be cumming like crazy with these Furry Fuckers!

    Scene One: First off, things get going with hot handymen Jean Franko and Rafael, who seem more interested in hard fucking than home improvements! Latino Jean Franko is a big, broad hunk with a body that will get your cock standing to attention!! Defined and covered in dark hair, with a impressively thick cock, he gets tight, toned Rafael to swallow his throbbing dick whole before slamming it hard up between Rafael's smooth cheeks, deep into his tight little hole! Just wait till you see him smother Rafael's face with a thick, creamy load! I guarantee you'll be decorating yourself the same way!!

    Scene Two: Next up, tough Texan Matthew Ford meets man-mountain Trojan Rock to work out some tension! Both these guys are the definition of masculinity, with huge, muscular bodies that bear a thick layer of fur! Matthew meets Trojan for a massage, but whilst concentrating on Matthew's lower back pain, Trojan gets distracted by his firm, hairy buttocks and long, thick cock which is already dripping with pre-cum! It's not long before these two dirty daddies are engaging in a whole different kind of stress release!! True to his Texan roots, Matthew is soon riding Trojan's massive member hard and fast like a true cowboy and we can only agree with the tattoo on his ass that states it's one prime piece of meat!!

    Scene Three: In this scene, we get a truly hardcore ass-pounding for young skinhead Albert, courtesy of tattooed Northener, Rocco Banks. The age difference between the two only makes things hotter, as Rocco starts things slow by deep-throating Albert's impressively big and very hard cock. Soon though, Rocco's showing Albert the true benefits of experience that comes with age, as he forces his thick, swollen cock into Albert's tight young hole!! The hairy older man spreads his boy's smooth cheeks apart in order to really fuck him deep, slamming into him furiously. It's not long before Albert is coating his own chest in several big, thick shots of sticky, white cum, followed quickly by Rocco. This scene will have you wanking until your arms are as sore as Albert's ass must be after!!

    Scene Four: Butch Grand gets a nice hard wakeup call when tattooed Tiko puts his morning wood to good use! These brawny, bearded beasts wake up together, realising the best way to start the day is with a stiff dick in the ass!! Hard, hairy bodies pressed together, they wrestle against each other and flex their massive muscluar frames before Butch buries his face in Tiko's tight, firm ass and explores his tight hole with his tongue, pushing it deep and really eating that juicy ass!! Tiko rolls over, opening his powerful, hairy thighs to expose his enourmous cock, which Butch suckles and worships the way a cock that big should be!! Plus there's even more hardcore butt-fucking and some great 69 action in what is surely the perfect morning workout!!

    Scene Five: And finishing us off, we've got a very welcome return from Trojan Rock, this time with the ripped, rough and ready Jake Ryder. The guys are moving some heavy equipment and have managed to work up a sweat, but they're about to get even hotter!! Jake pulls off his overalls to reveal a taught, toned physique, with a nice thick coat of fur all down his torso! He's also got a big, fat bulge sitting in his pants, something that Trojan can't wait to get his hands (and mouth) on!! There's some good wet, cock-sucking action from both guys, before Trojan pulls apart Jake's firm, round buttocks and rims his ass. Trojan is truly dedicated to the job too, even flipping Jake upside down in order to give him the hardest tongue-fucking possible!! Then finally, Trojan lives up to his name, roughly invading that perfect ass with his experienced cock and fucking Jake harder than he's ever been before. Roaring as he repeatedly hammers his dick as far as it can go, this is raw, animal fucking and it'll make you cum as hard as Trojan when he soaks Jake's sweaty chest with spunk. Jake can't get enough, and you won't be able to either!!

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