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    SKU: SCM2017
    • Retail Price:
    • $49.95 USA
    • GAV Price:
    • $29.00 USA 
      $29.00 CAN
    Themes: Amateur, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, DVD, Shower, Straight Guys, Young Men.
    Starring: Ryan, Brett, Lucca, Damon, Jon, Michael, Ty
    Studio: Straight College Men
    Duration: 79 minutes


    Log Cabin Weekend - Tuxedos

    For the Grand Finale of the Log Cabin Weekend, I wanted to do something special. And so, several weeks before the weekend began, I started planning: The coupe d'etat would be a night on the town, the prom us gay boys always wished we would've had.

    I located and secured a limousine; my boyfriend got us reservations at a nice restaurant, and I started measuring the guys for matching tuxedoes.

    First, I goofed around with the guys for a few minutes, having them moon me in their tuxes from the loft above. I then got them to pose with their pants pulled down just above their knees.

    I suggested Jon moon me. He did, and Brett slapped his ass while Damon pointed out, "look at the balls hanging!"

    As Ryan showed us his butt, Brett once again slapped the bare bottom in front of him. Michael immediately followed, "You do that to me, I'm gonna kick your fucking ass!" and we cracked up again.

    Back at the cabin, the guys were wasted and exhausted. As we began, Brett started having a conversation with himself. - "Hey guys, I have a great idea. Let's drop our pants down to our ankles and wank it."
    - "Yeah, that's a great idea. Let's do it."
    - "What a great idea." ...

    Ty told me about playing football, being on the golf team, and loving to surf. With each question, I was more and more eager to see him naked. When I asked him if he'd ever been on camera before, he said he and three of his friends "ran around naked, having a good time... exploring our sexuality" one night and the video camera was going. I, of course, asked what he meant in "concrete terms"... but you gotta watch the video to find out the answer.

    Then back at my apartment, he eagerly kicked off his sandals then slid off his shorts to reveal a pair of striped boxers. The flap in the boxers came open as he was sliding off his shorts, but I couldn't really see what was inside. When he sat back down, I zoomed in his crotch and saw something substantive behind the fabric... and when he slid the boxers off and sat back down afterwards, just in a t-shirt, I saw that that substantive package was now pointing straight into the sky. This was DEFINITELY going to be an awesome shoot...

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