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    SKU: HOT1439
    Watch It Now
    Themes: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Collegiates, Cum Eating, DVD, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth, Young Men.
    Starring: Dakota Brittain , Beau Bucanon , Nathan Cannon , Damien Knight , Jorden Michaels , Nick Parker , Kevin Penn , Josh Powell
    Studio: FratBoy
    Duration: 80 minutes


    Fuckin' Fratboys is the first full-length hardcore release from Fratboy.com, containing five scenes previously shown online. Each is a two-man scene with no setup and no scripted dialog. The models all pass muster as the frat boys they pretend to be, with a couple of stand-outs in the looks department and a couple of stand-outs in the dick department (although they're all above-average),
    The first scene is possibly the most soundless sex ever filmed, and it does not rate high for enthusiasm or passion. Scene two fares better, thanks to a very cute bottom, Jordan Michaels, who has an all-over tan and a great bubble-butt. He and partner Kevin Penn show more enthusiasm and interest in each other, fucking in several positions after making out and sixty-nining.

    There seems to me to be something artificial about scenes where the models suddenly stop fucking, go to their corners (as it were) and jerk off separately, as Nathan Cannon and Beau Bucanon do in scene one. Jordan squirts a big load all over his tanned and tatted tummy while Kevin is boning him, then Kevin pulls out and adds his load to Jordan's which is a lot more satisfying.

    Kevin appears in the next scene as well, paired with Rick Parker. they make out on a sofa while digging into each other's pants, then swap blow jobs. Rick's cock is fat and helmet-headed and it finds its way eventually into Kevin's butt. Kevin ejaculates while doing his lap dance, then sucks Rick to orgasm. Rick swabs up every bit of his splooge and eats it.

    The fourth scene had me most curious, because of Josh Powell (aka Powell Keaton), who just won a Hard Choice Award for his scene with Dominic Pacifico in Plowed. Josh's morning shower is interrupted by Rick (from the previous scene), who wants to taste Josh while he's still wet. Josh is firm in all the right places, with pubes that are not savagely cropped and a delicious treasure-trail.

    Josh pants and sighs and runs his hands through his hair, as well as through Rick's, while Rick sucks. After some kissing, Josh becomes the sucker, swallowing Rick to the hilt and devoting time to Rick's balls, too. Then Josh climbs aboard Rick's cock, cowboy position, so they can fuck and make out at the same time. they try a few more positions, then trade roles, with Josh drilling Rick over the edge of the tub and flat-out on the floor in front of a full-length mirror. They flip over so we can see Rick cum while he's still getting fucked, and once again he eats his load while Josh deposits his own.

    Damien Knight and Dakota Brittain round out the action, with Dakota providing skilled oral work for the trade-y Damien, who lies there and enjoys it. They go straight to fucking, employing three positions. Damien gets red all over and Dakota seems to have fun, even though he never got his dick sucked. Dakota cums while getting fucked, then we wait a while for Damien to produce his load, which is enormous and, by the look on his face, painful. Scenes like this often lose my interest but this one works because both partners seem to be getting what they want from the connection.

    If you like the frat boy type, you'll enjoy Fuckin' Fratboys. The weakest scene is wisely placed first, which allows momentum and sexual interest to build. Powell's performance is not as volcanic as I had hoped but he's still a model to watch.

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