Maximize Revenue

There's more than enough money in the adult Web site industry to go around!

We're happy to share our profits with you in exchange for some promotion. We're one of the fastest-growing amateur adult store sites in the industry and we've been online since 1996.

GAV pays the 10th of each month for all sales the prior month.

Plus you will be able to view your stats online so you can always see how you are doing and how much $$ you can expect to receive. Our stats are provided in real time.

Since we offer two currencies on our site, U.S. dollars and Canadian dollars, all commissions are calculated based on the U.S. prices, i.e. A Canadian customer came thru your site, purchased a video for $50.99 CAN, you will receive the commission based on the U.S. price of $39.95 USA. Therefore, your commission would be $6.00 US.